Spray-on Liner

Glass & Auto Cosmetics offers Spray – On Liners that protect the bed of your truck,  offering specially formulated polymers that permanently bond to your truck’s bed protecting it from just about anything you or Mother Nature can dish out. 

Spray-On Truck Liners offer a  rugged, watertight, durable truck bed liner for demanding, every-day use. It won’t crack, peel or warp and permanently protects your truckbed from abrasion and rust. 

Temperature variations do not affect the composition or durability of a spray-on bed liner. Even in severe heat and freezing temperatures, spray-on liners retain their  rubbery surface and will not scratch or damage the cargo you haul.

Spray-on Liner Drop-in Liner
Durable, Impact Absorbing greenmark sign-x01-red-1
Textured Surface (less load movement) greenmark sign-x01-red-1
Available in any Color greenmark sign-x01-red-1
Watertight Seal greenmark sign-x01-red-1
Maintenance – Free greenmark sign-x01-red-1
Permanently Attaches greenmark sign-x01-red-1
Prevents Rust & Corrosion greenmark sign-x01-red-1
Scratch & Dent Resistant greenmark sign-x01-red-1

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